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 Poker - Table Image

New players playing poker and other games at online casinos in the us can sometimes get confused when it comes to the topic of table image.

Although your physical appearance can give off some clues as to your style of play, turning up with a Volkswagen sign around your neck, whilst wearing a back to front baseball cap, is not necessarily going to secure the worldview that you are a young aggressive player.

The term ‘table image’ is more about the perceptions that people have of your playing style. This is not taken from your fashion acumen, but instead from the way that you play.

Player Knowledge

Always remember that their perception depends on their knowledge of poker. A player who is not very skilled will not be able to create a great picture of how you play. 

Your table image is created through a collage of snippets of information. Information such as the types of hands you showdown, the number of times you three and four bet, and how many times you c-bet.

Imagine you have just started a game at a site like , and within the first orbit you pick up pocket aces, kings, and queens in raised pots. Each time you decide to three-bet and your opponent folds.

Perceptions Formed

Now, the players who are paying attention will start to form a perception that you are a very aggressive player, but you know any player at the table would have played all three hands the same way. 

Understanding the potential perception of your table imagine now allows you to make some deductions about how your opponent’s may play against you. For example, if you are being three-bet by such a player, I would not four-bet light in this spot, and this is how you take advantage of image awareness.






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Poker - Table Image Awareness