Moneybookers is an e-wallet solution which has been available pretty much world-over for quite a number of years now. How does it work though and why do gamblers need such e-wallets?

Creating an e-wallet account like the kind that Moneybookers offer is the best thing an online gambler can do. Direct funds transfers will share one’s account information with at least one party. Although the encryption used by various online gambling sites is hailed to be as efficient as the kind used by banks, doubt will always linger in the back of the mind of the gambler regarding the true security of his personal and financial information. By creating a Moneybookers account, one will basically set up a buffer between his/her sensitive financial information and the ruthless, dog-eat-dog world of the World Wide Web. Also when it comes to gambling online, some do not want financial institutions to track the source/destination of the funds they lose/generate by gambling online.

A Moneybookers account works like this: you set up your e-wallet, after which you can transfer funds to it through a variety of ways. Once the funds are uploaded, they’re kept online until you decide to use them for buying something or for making an online casino deposit. The party which sells you services or goods online will only ever see the email address you use for your Moneybookers account, hence: your security is guaranteed.

When you decide to cash out, you get the money transferred from the site to your Moneybookers account, from where you will have to make yet another withdrawal for the funds to end up in your physical bank account. Once again, the bank which receives the money you withdraw does not know where the funds originate from, thus your privacy is once again protected.

Moneybookers is based in the UK and its activity is regulated by UK financial law. That in itself is a guarantee regarding the trustworthiness of the operation. While the use of such e-wallet solutions will incur some costs, these tend to be minimal (at least in Moneybookers’ case) and therefore they’re quite neglectable. Click here to Open Your Moneybookers Account Now


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