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 Poker - Check Raising the River

You are playing in a $1/2 No-Limit Hold’em Six-Max Cash Game. The player on the button is a loose-aggressive fish, and you are seated in the big blind. You both have 100BB stacks.

The play folds around to the button, he bets $6, and you make the call holding [9h][8h]. The flop is [Td] [7c] [2c], and you decide to check-call a near pot-sized bet.

The [9d] comes down on fourth street, giving you two pair, but putting two flush draws on board. You decide that the best course of action is to check-raise the turn but your opponent checks behind. The final card is the [Ks] - what do you do next?

This is an excellent spot to go for a river check-raise; let us explain why. From your opponent’s perspective, your check-call line on the flop looks like a weak [Jx] [8x], small pair, or draw type of hand.

If you had a much stronger hand like [Ax] [Jx] or the nut-flush draw, you would probably check-raise the flop.

Your turn check re-enforces that line and so, when the [Ks] shows up on the river, it is a perfect card for your opponent to try to win the pot based on your perceived range.

If you bet, then you do not give him the chance to bluff with his air and missed draws, so the check-raise is the perfect play in this spot.

Poker Player Tendencies

This example once again shows you the importance of player tendencies and board textures when playing at poker tables, and making your decision.

Always understand the level of thinking your opponent displays, and pay close attention to board texture.





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