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 King of the Bingo Bonus Sites

The world of online bingo is awash with some fantastic bonuses and special offers and is what this site is all about. But if there’s one site that stands out from the rest in terms of keeping existing players incentivised, it has to be

For new players, ChitChat Bingo has an outstanding welcome offer consisting of a triple bonus. If you’re new to the site and make your first deposit within an hour of registering, you'll get a 200% cash match to a maximum of £125. The minimum deposit is just £10 – for which you’d receive an immediate free £20 to play. But it gets better still; on a second deposit, you'll also get an additional 100% bonus to a maximum value of £100, and then if you make a third deposit, you'll receive a further 100%, to a maximum of £50.

That’s some welcome bonus, but what sets this site apart is its ongoing bonuses which help reward player loyalty and keep players interested. For example, at the time of writing, ChitChat is offering a free bonus code to members who help the site to reach more Facebook fans. Obviously, this is good marketing for the site, but it’s a very worthwhile incentive for players, too.

Similarly, ChitChat has been offering players the chance to win a holiday to New York worth £2,500 for the winning player and his/her friend. And the site also offers regular 1p ticket days.

All these special bonus offers are always made clear on the site which is also a welcome departure from the norm; sometimes, clarifying exactly what is being offered as a bonus by an online bingo site is no easy task. But it is refreshingly easy here – so if there’s one site that really deserves the title of king of the bingo bonus sites, it has to be ChitChat Bingo.






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Last Updated 17 October 2013
King of the Bingo Bonus Sites